The Dream Never Lie Series

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Book I $18.99

As Josh faces one of the most perplexing cases of his career, his personal life is now in shambles. Will he be able to stop this maniac before he strikes again?  

Book II $18.99

In this second book of the Dreams Never Lie series, Josh Howard is summoned back to the FBI as a consultant, child kidnapping cases being his passion. 

Book III $18.99

When Josh Howard, special agent for the FBI, discovers that members of his high school football team are systematically being killed, he wonders if he’ll be next.


Available June 23, 2023


This fourth book in the Dreams Never Lie series will keep you guessing.  If you’re familiar with Elsie’s writings, you know she always throws in a surprise at the end, and this book is no different.  Good luck in trying to figure this one out. 

Dreams Never Lie Podcast

New this Spring! The Dreams Never Lie Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Narrated by the author. New episodes released weekly.

The Color of Thunder $14.99

Joseph is an ambitious new reporter who sees his chance to make a name for himself by taking on a popular local church. Pastor Thunder fears that his own shortcomings are what’s keeping the young man from becoming a Christian. However, Joseph is out to prove that you don’t have to be a Christian to be one of the “good guys”.

Their adversarial affiliation gives rise to a strained but close relationship that leaves this unlikely duo questioning their individual beliefs. They continue to clash-both learning important truths about themselves and each other. Will the budding reporter realize he may have been wrong in his assumptions or will a scathing expose destroy the church and ruin the pastor’s lifelong ministry?

As the life story of Pastor Thunder unfolds, you’ll laugh, and you’ll cry as you learn exactly what made him the man he is today.

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What People Say

“I discovered your books through my dad, and fell in love with Josh in the Dreams Are Forever series. You’ve become my favorite author and I’ll never forget actually getting to meet you when you came to Arkansas to promote your books. I haven’t read The Color of Thunder yet, but I can’t wait to dig in. Love you Elsie!”

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Fire Light Fire Bright $18.99

The small north-central town of Glenwood, Texas is being methodically burned to the ground. Every few days another fire. Acres of scorched pasture, and skeletal remains of the once majestic trees that surrounded the township attest to the skill of the arsonist. Sheriff Dodge Brewster is frustrated by his inability to find even a single shred of evidence.

Several teenage girls in surrounding communities have been brutally raped. When the rapist finally targets Glenwood, the girls are not only raped, but murdered also. Deep in the woods outside of town, a Vietnam vet lives as a hermit. The people of Glenwood accuse him of every misdeed that occurs. The arson, rape and murders are no exception. They are demanding that Dodge arrest the vet, but new evidence in a turn of events point to his own friend.

Will Dodge be able to prove his friend’s innocence? Will he have to arrest him? Or will he go along with the townspeople and arrest the Vietnam vet?

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