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Fire Light Fire Bright – I’m not a fire bug, really!

I love to watch fire, but only in the safety of a fire pit.  I’m actually pretty scared of fire.  Just the thought of a forest fire or a house fire is terrifying.  I can’t imagine why I chose to use fire as the backdrop of my book, (it had nothing to do with those scorching hot  fireman calendars either).  But it was pretty easy to write the story around.  Did you know the insurance industry actually classifies fires.  A friendly fire would be found in a fireplace, or a hostile fire could be a house burning, or a car that caught on fire.

As I was writing Fire Light Fire Bright, I knew right from the first page who the rapist was going to be, but the arsonist?  I had no idea.  I kept changing my mind, back and forth, back and forth.  I wasn’t 100% sure until I wrote the last chapter.

I guess that’s why I keep telling people that I hope the book keeps them guessing until the very end, because, it sure kept me confused.

Love fire? Hate fire?  Why?  Leave me a comment below.

Fire Light Fire Bright

Fire Light Fire Bright 300dpi

The small north-central town of Glenwood, Texas is being methodically burned to the ground. Every few days another fire. Acres of scorched pasture, and skeletal remains of the once majestic trees that surrounded the township attest to the skill of the arsonist. Sheriff Dodge Brewster is frustrated by his inability to find even a single shred of evidence.

Several teenage girls in surrounding communities have been brutally raped. When the rapist finally targets Glenwood, the girls are not only raped, but murdered also. Deep in the woods outside of town, a Vietnam vet lives as a hermit. The people of Glenwood accuse him of every misdeed that occurs. The arson, rape and murders are no exception. They are demanding that Dodge arrest the vet, but new evidence in a turn of events point to his own friend.

Will Dodge be able to prove his friend’s innocence? Will he have to arrest him? Or will he go along with the townspeople and arrest the Vietnam vet?








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