Dreams Never Lie


I have the best customers in the world and I asked one for help yesterday.  I told him I needed to ask him a question but he’d probably think I’m crazy.

“No, I won’t,”  He replied.

“You’ll laugh at me.”  I told him.

“I won’t laugh,” he said.

“Okay then.  Will you tell me how to do donuts?”

After he quit laughing,  (I knew he would) he looked out the window at my car, “You can’t do donuts in your car.  It’s front wheel drive.”

“Not in my car, Dummy?  I’m in my seventies, do you really think I’m planning on doing donuts in my car?  It’s for my new book.”

“Okay,” he said, after he quit laughing again.  “What kind of car?”

“Oh, it’s a police car.”

“You’re going to have someone doing donuts in a police car?  Why?”

“Never mind.  Just read the book.  DREAMS ARE FOREVER, coming soon.

Dreams Never Lie

Josh Howard is only eight years old when the little girl next door, Doni, is kidnapped and killed.  Josh vows to catch her killers when he grows up.  As a FBI agent, he knows the chance of solving the case after so many years is slim to none, but he still dreams about Doni.

Josh is assigned a serial murder case in which the victims are tortured and raped before being killed. After a long string of murders with no leads, Josh starts receiving coded messages from the killer, warning when another attack will take place.  Then, there are hints that connect the killer to Josh’s new wife.

As Josh faces one of the most perplexing cases of his career, his personal life is now in shambles.  Will he be able to stop this maniac before he strikes again?  Will he be able to save his marriage?  Is his wife the next intended victim?

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