Dreams Never Lie


At the wedding in Dreams Never Lie, when Josh says “I take you to be my awfully leaded wife,”  that really happened.  When Ronnie and I married, that is exactly what he said.  And as if once wasn’t enough, he said it twice.

Our wedding was so much fun.  It was at the First Baptist Church of Roanoke, TX.   In the four years that I had been a member there, we had lots of fellowships and parties, and I was always allowed to plan the entertainment.  We teased and gave the staff a really hard time, and when our wedding rolled around, it was payback time.

People were planted all over the church and were going to jump up and object when the pastor asked if anyone has reason why we shouldn’t be joined together in holy matrimony.  Luckily, the pastor got wind of this, so he skipped that part of the ceremony.

I had told the pastor before hand, not to use the terminology “Do you promise to love, honor and obey.”  I asked him to say “love, honor and cherish.”  I warned him if he put obey in there, my answer would be “I agree to two out of three.”  Strangely enough, he omitted that part too.  (I hope we’re legally married with all these omissions.)

As the reception was winding down, the deacons and the pastor kidnapped Ronnie.  Threw him in van and took off with him.  They weren’t gone long, but when they brought him back to the church, a bunch of the women grabbed me and put me in the van.  We drove through the Dairy Queen and all over town.  We must have been gone a little too long, because before we got back, Ronnie got worried and decided to come looking for us.  He and Cliff, the chairman of the deacons, took the hundreds of balloons out of our car and they took off, looking for us.  Everyone was honking and waving at them.  Now remember, this was back in the eighties, things weren’t quite as liberal as they are now.  It finally dawned on them, the car was plastered with ‘Just Married” all over it, and two men both with big mustaches were in the front seat. Needless to say, they went back to the church in a hurry.

We left the church and we stopped at a nice restaurant in Fort Worth.  After we ate and headed back to the car, we discovered that some patrons of the restaurant had changed the tape on the car from “Just Married”  to “Just Dead”.

Our 31st anniversary is only a few weeks away and we still have just as much fun.

Tell me your funny wedding stories.  Who knows, what happened to you may appear in my next book.

Dreams Never Lie

Josh Howard is only eight years old when the little girl next door, Doni, is kidnapped and killed.  Josh vows to catch her killers when he grows up.  As a FBI agent, he knows the chance of solving the case after so many years is slim to none, but he still dreams about Doni.

Josh is assigned a serial murder case in which the victims are tortured and raped before being killed. After a long string of murders with no leads, Josh starts receiving coded messages from the killer, warning when another attack will take place.  Then, there are hints that connect the killer to Josh’s new wife.

As Josh faces one of the most perplexing cases of his career, his personal life is now in shambles.  Will he be able to stop this maniac before he strikes again?  Will he be able to save his marriage?  Is his wife the next intended victim?

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