What is normal?  The new norm?  Do any of us know what to expect?  I'll be so glad when we can gather together again in large groups.  The photo shown above is  my family, quite a few years ago.  My hair is dark brown, not even a hint of grey. I'm holding my son in… Continue reading BACK TO NORMAL


We Love Camping

Last Memorial Day weekend was great.  Johnny, my boss, and my friend, agreed to work for me on the Tuesday after Memorial Day, so I had an extra long weekend.  Ronnie took our travel trailer to Cleburne State Park on Thursday and he and Hank, our Jack Russell terrier stayed the night by themselves.  I… Continue reading We Love Camping



I remember last spring, we had three weekends in a row with rainy Saturdays?  My grandsons little league games got cancelled again.  Heavy thunderstorms were headed our way.  What shall I do with my Saturday?  Don't think I'll be getting out in it, forget the oil change I had planned.  It'll wait until another Saturday.… Continue reading ANOTHER STORMY SATURDAY

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Wow, the month of February is over, and we're halfway through March.  Time is really flying by.  But suddenly, many of our activities have come to a stand still.  Staying busy and maintaining the norm is crucial during this critical time our nation is facing. For me, this means more time to read.  If reading… Continue reading SO MUCH IS HAPPENING