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I think I've mentioned before that my characters all have a mind of their own.  I plan to do things a certain way, but when I go to write it, they go off on their own tangent, not even thinking about how hard I thought and planned where I wanted to go with the story.

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My dilemma is over.  I'm so close to the ending of Shattered Dreams, that I plan to go ahead and finish it next on the agenda.  I finally figured out the ending, phew it was a tough one.  I knew where I wanted it to end up, just had a hard time getting it there. … Continue reading WHAT’S HAPPENING?

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Well, I've certainly had a productive morning.  My wonderful Beta Readers worked extremely hard on my new book, trying to get it ready for publication.  I compared every single thing they had marked.  Most of the time they agreed, but occasionally, there were differences of opinion. Sometimes, I agreed, sometimes I didn't.  So after a… Continue reading GRAMMAR CHECK

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Little League Season Again

A few weeks ago my 13 year old grandson's baseball team had their season opener in Mineral Wells.  The weather had been great,  Thursday and Friday both had temps in the 80's.  Friday night a cold front blew in.  The 9:30 game was lots colder than we planned for.  I wore a flannel shirt, a… Continue reading Little League Season Again