He moaned loudly as he felt rough hands re-arrange his body on the bed. “That hurts.” He tried to scream at them, but as usual, they couldn’t hear him. They thought he was still comatose, but he heard every word they said and felt excruciating pain every time they touched him. He had no control, he couldn’t even open his eyes to let them know he was awake.

All he could do was silently cry and wonder what happened to him. Why was he here, he guessed it was a hospital, but why? What happened? Where were Rose and the kids? Are they okay? He was worried about his family. Where were they? Why weren’t they here checking on him and making these people quit torturing him with their ministrations.

The next time he became aware, he appeared to be alone. He heard no sounds of anyone else. He was still unable to move, not even a tiny wiggle of a finger. Nothing worked. He tried to clear his head of the confusion as he did every time he was awake. This time, he felt more alert. He tried to concentrate and remember what happened to put him in this condition.

He seemed to feel something, a fleeting thought, just at the edge of his memory. He tried to ignore the agonizing pain that stabbed through his head as he struggled to bring the picture to mind.

There, he could see himself, all alone, standing on the balcony outside his bedroom. Dark, it was so dark, it must be late at night. He remembered seeing the stars, he remembered looking out over his property, then felt himself turn towards the door. As his hand reached out towards the door knob, he heard himself screaming in agony …then nothing.

End of teaser.  DREAMS ARE FOREVER    Coming soon.

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