Yesterday was a fun day.  I got up at 6:30, drank a cup of coffee while playing Words with Friends with my daughter, Lisa.  By 7:30 I was awake enough to function, so I headed for my home office.

I thought I had finished editing Dreams Are Forever last weekend, but something held me back, just wouldn’t let me submit it to my editor/publisher.  I’m so glad, because when I got into it again yesterday, I found several things I needed to change.  Not so much correcting errors but more just changing a word here and there to make it read more smoothly.  I worked until 11:30, then got dressed and headed to the ball park.

My grandson Wyatt had a baseball game at 12:30.  Beautiful, sunshiny day, temps in the 60’s, but OMG the wind.  I swear it was gale force winds.  Even with blankets over our jackets, it felt like 40 below zero.  We won, 4-2 with Wyatt scoring one of the runs. Yay!!  After a bite to eat it was back to the computer.

I worked until 7:15 last night, and finally, I am completely satisfied with the book.  I will be submitting it today. Dreams Are Forever is one step closer to being on the shelves.

I love writing, and I love watching my grandson play baseball.  Getting to do both on the same day makes for a really wonderful Saturday.  Hope yours was as enjoyable as mine.

DREAMS ARE FOREVER, coming soon.


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