I was a little nervous when we released The Color of Thunder because it’s so different from the mystery/suspense novels that I normally write.  I wasn’t sure how it would be received by my readers.

Turns out I was nervous for nothing.  I have had nothing but positive feedback on my newest release.  I’m honored and humbled by some of the responses.

I started it several years ago but never finished it.  I got so engrossed in my mystery/suspense series that I forgot all about The Color of Thunder.

When I ran across it one day, and read what I had written years before, I knew I had to finish it.  I pulled the manuscript up on desktop and can you believe it, it practically wrote itself.  My fingers were tripping all over themselves trying to type faster as the ideas kept coming.  I held my breath as I submitted it to Eric Jones, my publisher, not knowing what to expect.

When he called me and said “Yes, yes, yes, it’s a go.”  I nearly cried with relief.  The paperback copy is available at Amazon.  The e-book was released a little later but is now available.  Eric put some finishing touches on it that are pretty amazing.  I can’t wait for your feedback on the e-book!!!



“I discovered your books through my dad, and fell in love with Josh in the Dreams Are Forever series. You’ve become my favorite author and I’ll never forget actually getting to meet you when you came to Arkansas to promote your books. I haven’t read The Color of Thunder yet, but I can’t wait to dig in. Love you Elsie!” -JAIA

‘“Another amazing story by Elsie Varn Harrell! What a great reminder of the gift available to all of us – if only we choose to accept it.” V. Green



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