The Color Of Thunder


The Color of Thunder was a really fun project.  It took a while to get the cover set up like we wanted it, but as you can see in the photo above it’s pretty striking .

I really hope you like this book, it is so different from any writing I’ve ever done before.  This one is not the usual thriller that I am so fond of writing.  It’s the life story of a fictional minister in north central Texas.  He and a non-Christian reporter become friends while working on a series of articles for the newspaper.

As the story unfolds, this unlikely pair, even though they clash often, both have hidden agendas.  Which goals will be accomplished, the reporters or the ministers?

As the reporter asks questions, the answers come in a series of flashbacks.  Some of his life story is fun, some is sad.  I even made myself cry several times while writing his story.  In the words of one of my beta readers who proofed the rough draft for me, “If this book doesn’t touch people, they are unable to be touched.”

I hope you enjoy reading The Color of Thunder.  After you read it, please leave a review, either on this page, or on the Amazon web site.  I really love your feedback, be it good, bad or indifferent.  Thanks so much.



“I discovered your books through my dad, and fell in love with Josh in the Dreams Are Forever series. You’ve become my favorite author and I’ll never forget actually getting to meet you when you came to Arkansas to promote your books. I haven’t read The Color of Thunder yet, but I can’t wait to dig in. Love you Elsie!” -JAIA


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