I’m kind of in a state of shock right now. I just emailed my manuscript for Forgotten Dreams to my publisher. This is book number FOUR in the Dreams Never Lie series! We have set the release date for June 23,2023. Did I happen to mention that the book drops on my birthday? I know, right?!

When I first wrote Dreams Never Lie, I never dreamed it would turn into a series. I had just watched the movie Sweet Home Alabama and fell in love with Josh Lucas. So naturally, my main character became Josh. Oh, and since then, I have a grandson named Josh, so the name is doubly special to me. He’s my favorite of all my characters.

In Forgotten Dreams, Josh kind of shares the spotlight with a new character, Morgan Donaldson. He is a big, and I mean really big, black man who had a chance to play pro football with New England but was injured and only got to play in only two preseason games. He is now the SAC of the Clearwater FBI office where Josh used to work.

Forgotten Dreams is full of excitement. Let me see, the newest, hottest pop singer comes to town, we have young boys being abused and murdered, we have a kidnapping gone wrong, plus three guys mixed up in the middle of all this who are not the brightest matches in the box.

Once I finish a book, there are many more steps that must be taken. After I read it over several times searching for errors, I then send copies to my Beta readers. A Beta reader is someone who reads the book and searches for punctuation and spelling errors. They also point out things like: On page 54 Mary is wearing a red jacket, but on page 56 you mention her blue jacket, which is it supposed to be?

I’ve used a lot of different Beta readers, friends from church, even one of my insurance customers. My 22-year-old granddaughter asked if she could critique Forgotten Dreams. I was really impressed with her remarks. She even found a place where I had changed tenses in the middle of a compound sentence. Shame on me.

An old friend, Chuck has done several books for me and is excellent at finding things that I’ve overlooked. He made my day when he told me that he read the manuscript twice looking for errors, then read it another time, just for enjoyment. I know you’ll enjoy it too.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, Forgotten Dreams will be released on June 23rd this year, but you can pre-order it right now.

Happy Reading, y’all.

Get an autographed copy when you Pre-Order today! Available June 23, 2023.


My publisher just gave me the green light to begin marketing for my latest release in the Dreams Never Lie series. Are you ready? Me too!

Forgotten Dreams introduces a new main character, Morgan Donaldson. He is the new Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Clearwater, Florida FBI office. Morgan transferred to Florida from up north and is not comfortable at all with the relaxed atmosphere in his new office.

He’s a big black man, 6’6″ tall and weighs approximately 265 pounds. Morgan had a chance to play pro football, but was injured during spring training, recovered fully, but was reinjured during a pre-season game and was dropped by the team.

Josh is sent to Florida for a child abduction/murder case and he and Morgan hit it off instantly. You’ll meet Morgan’s wife Ellie, their son Junior, and daughter Lizzie. Oh, and we can’t forget about his sassy grandmother, Grandma Izzie.

This book is full of surprises, and pushed me as a writer. There’s even a brief appearance by Mitch and Olivia, who were Josh’s best friends in Dreams Never Lie.

The more I wrote in Forgotten Dreams, the more I found myself loving Morgan and his family. Right now I’m seriously considering doing another series featuring the Donaldsons as my main characters. Oh I’ll still continue with the Dreams Never Lie series. in fact, Hidden Dreams is next in line. BUT, I could use the word FORGOTTEN from the title of this book and have a dozen titles just waiting to be written.

I hope, as you read Forgotten Dreams, that you fall in love with Morgan too. I think he’ll be sticking around for a while. Pre-Order your copy today.

Happy Reading!


Available June 23, 2023

Finding the nude body of a young boy, bruised, beaten and sexually abused is a harrowing experience for the most hardened police officer.  But when the body is discovered by a group of 8-10 year old children, it’s even more traumatic.         

FBI agent, Josh Howard, whose specialty is crimes against children, is sent back to Florida to take lead on the case.  The local FBI office is in complete chaos with agents requesting to be transferred.  The new SAC, Morgan Donaldson,  is hardnosed and uncompromising, however, when  his son gets mixed up in a kidnapping attempt of the latest, hottest pop singer, Morgan realizes that he needs the support of  his team of agents.

This fourth book in the Dreams Never Lie series will keep you guessing and on in the edge of your seat.  If you’re familiar with Elsie’s books, you know she always throws in a surprise at the end, and this book is no different.  Good luck in trying to figure this one out. 


This good-looking young man is named in one of my books. Which one? You ask. Well, that is for you to figure out. To win one of my books, personally autographed to you, all you have to do is figure out which book he’s in, and guess his name.

When you think you have it figured out, visit my Official Elsie Varn Harrell Books Facebook Page and post your answer. Remember, you must tell me his first and last name, and list which book he appears in.

I love his name, it just flows, so I asked him if I could use his name in one of my books. His response, “of course, as long as you don’t make me an asshole.” See, there’s your first clue. He’s one of the good guys.

If you haven’t yet read any of my books, here’s a brief overview of each one.

Dreams Never Lie is the first of several books about Josh Howard, hot shot FBI agent. Dreams Are Forever is the second and Shattered Dreams, the third in the series. Each book stands alone, no cliff hangers, I promise. These books are action packed and full of murder, rape, kidnapping to name just a little of what happens. There will be at least two more books in this series, but it will be a little while before they are ready to be published.

Fire Light Fire Bright is a stand-alone novel. Dodge Brewster is the main character. He is sheriff of a fictious town in north central Texas. But he’s not a sheriff in the old west, this novel takes place in modern day Texas. This one will keep you guess until the very last page.

The Color of Thunder is a complete change of pace for me. It is a Christian novel, which tells the life story of a minister. It is totally made up, in fact I put a disclaimer in the book telling my minister friends that it was not written about them. 🙂

I hope to hear from you soon with your contest entry. Each person can enter a total of five guesses.

Happy Reading

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Savings on MY BIRTHDAY!


This year for my birthday, I wish you savings. My birthday is June 23rd, so beginning then and running through July 23rd, save over 10% on your purchase when you bundle all three books in the Dreams Never Lie Series. Get all three books for only $47. A birthday wish come true, just in time for my special day!

The set includes Dreams Never Lie, Dreams Are Forever and Shattered Dreams. Each book is a complete story by itself. No cliff hangers, I promise! Each book is about the same people, just a different story, with a year or two in between.

Meet Josh Howard who became an FBI agent as a result of his best friend being kidnapped and killed when he was still a child. Josh’s life is full of excitement and drama.

You’ll read about deadly explosions, kidnapping, rape, abortion, child trafficking, murder and so on. Since I personally am not familiar with any of these crimes, I do a lot of research.

If the law enforcement people were to read my Google searches, I’d be in big trouble. I ask it all sorts of questions, like “which size gun would I use to do such and such?” or “if I rob a bank, what’s the best method of escape?” “Is it possible to do this and this and this and live through it?” You get the picture. Google is my best friend.

I hope you enjoy my Dreams Never Lie series.

Happy reading!!!

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Texas Wildfires: I had no idea I’d be living through this experience.

Fire can be pretty darn scary. We read about the wildfires in California every year that cause millions and billions of dollars’ worth of damages. I’ll see a touching story on the news, and I’ll quickly say a prayer, usually about two sentences long. But now, all of a sudden, here in Texas, we have several wildfires burning.

There’s a huge fire in Eastland County that is less than an hour away from me. It’s getting a little personal now. My prayers got a little longer, maybe four or five sentences. Then, this past weekend, my prayers grew long and fervent.

This fire was in Hood County. OMG, I live in Hood County. I was still unaware of the fire and was visiting my husband who broke his femur two weeks ago and is still in rehab. We were having a nice visit when I received a text from my daughter-in-law stating she and my son and grandson were being evacuated from their home located outside of town. Needless to say, I made a bee line home and discovered that our little town was in a pre-evacuation mode. Smoke was billowing south of town. We were advised to start getting ready, just in case.

I gathered up important papers, fed my dog, packed an overnight bag, but before I got much packed, we received notice that a mandatory evacuation order had been issued for our town. I quickly put everything I had prepared into the pickup, loaded up my husband’s dog Hank, and headed to my best friend’s house in Granbury.

As the evening progressed, the stories we were hearing got worse and worse. My house is roughly a half mile from the center of town. Each report showed the blaze closer and closer to town. The last thing I saw on my phone before going to bed Sunday night was the photo below taken by Brooke Winegardner. That is my house. I saw it and knew there was no chance of it being spared. Only a miracle could save it now.

Photo Credit: Brooke Winegardner

After a pretty sleepless night, we got up the next morning to reports of the fire being contained and the city of Lipan was safe. My house, my daughter’s and my son’s homes were all spared. Look at that photo again and tell me how my house made it through, untouched. As you can see, the fire was headed right towards us.

When I wrote my first published novel, Fire Light Fire Bright, I had no idea I’d be living through this experience. The fires in my book were the work of an arsonist, most were small and quickly contained, only one got out of control. If I had to do it over, I would have dedicated that book to the men and women firefighters everywhere, paid or volunteer. They risk their lives to save us and our belongings.

WHAT??? You haven’t read Fire Light Fire Bright yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Get your copy today.

Fire Light Fire Bright

The small north-central town of Glenwood, Texas is being methodically burned to the ground. Every few days another fire. Acres of scorched pasture, and skeletal remains of the once majestic trees that surrounded the township attest to the skill of the arsonist. Sheriff Dodge Brewster is frustrated by his inability to find even a single shred of evidence.

Several teenage girls in surrounding communities have been brutally raped. When the rapist finally targets Glenwood, the girls are not only raped, but murdered also. Deep in the woods outside of town, a Vietnam vet lives as a hermit. The people of Glenwood accuse him of every misdeed that occurs. The arson, rape and murders are no exception. They are demanding that Dodge arrest the vet, but new evidence in a turn of events point to his own friend.

Will Dodge be able to prove his friend’s innocence? Will he have to arrest him? Or will he go along with the townspeople and arrest the Vietnam vet?

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