News, The Color Of Thunder


I think I've mentioned before that my characters all have a mind of their own.  I plan to do things a certain way, but when I go to write it, they go off on their own tangent, not even thinking about how hard I thought and planned where I wanted to go with the story.


Back to Work

I haven't blogged since right before Christmas, what with the holidays, extra cooking, company, special time with family.  Who has time to even think from Thanksgiving to mid January? My husband's birthday was last week and he said all he wanted for his birthday was to go camping.  So we loaded up the travel trailer… Continue reading Back to Work


Family Reunion

Last weekend my BFF Starla had her annual family reunion.  As I am an honorary member of her family, (I'm not sure if she adopted me or I adopted her) I was invited. It was a wonderful day, lots of delicious food, plus visiting with old friends and meeting new ones.  Of course, we all… Continue reading Family Reunion


News Break – What’s New with Elsie in May?

What a great time we had on Mother's Day weekend in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Mini Maker Faire down on the river.  I shared a booth with my fellow author, Paul Kurko and our publisher, Eric Jones with TGIM Digital Publishing. We met so many neat people, autographed books, ate lots of snacks, and… Continue reading News Break – What’s New with Elsie in May?


News Break: What’s New with Elsie in April?

What's new with me? I'm so glad you asked! I'm really excited to announce that my books are now available in the UK.  Wow! I'm really, really excited to announce that I recently finished the rough draft of Dreams Are Forever.  I've started the editing and re-writing.  Here's hoping it goes smoothly and quickly. So,… Continue reading News Break: What’s New with Elsie in April?