NEWS FLASH!!! We are trying to get DREAMS ARE FOREVER (book #3) ready for release.  We are shooting for Labor Day weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed.  (And toes, if you are able.)

As I mentioned a few weeks ago on Facebook, I have started book #4.  It has a class reunion and the high school colors of purple and gold are prominently displayed along with the school mascot, the leopard, naturally.

Here’s my dilemma.  See the picture of the dark gray Persian cat shown above?  He is a member of the family and I need a name for him/her.   He loves the mother and the two kids, but the dad, he has no use for.  He reserves his grouchy look, as shown in the photo, for Dad.  His favorite toy is a soft stuffed brown monkey.  I also need a name for the monkey.

The name can be for a boy or girl cat, makes no difference to the storyline.  Please submit names for the cat and for the toy monkey.   You can submit your names in the remarks section of this blog, or just put a comment on my FB page.  I will also share this blog on FB.

To make it interesting, when you submit your names, give me a reason why you think it would be a good name for the cat or toy monkey.  You don’t have to give a reason, but that might make it more fun.   If you have a funny cat story, it would also be appreciated.

Shattered Dreams is the name of #4.  It is a mystery/suspense novel, like the others, but it needs a little comic relief to break up the drama.

If you haven’t read FIRE LIGHT FIRE BRIGHT or DREAMS NEVER LIE, they are still available on Amazon.



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