We are on target for the labor day (September 3, 2018) release of Dreams Are Forever.  In case you’ve missed the teasers I’ve been posting about my latest book, I’ll put the synopsis below.

When a freak accident robs him of his wife and children, a quirky but seemingly normal man is driven to a dangerously obsessive need to restore his family.  The aftermath brings terror into the lives of innocent children and their families.

In this second book of the Dreams Never Lie series, Josh Howard is summoned back to the FBI as a consultant, child kidnapping cases being his passion.  With no ransom demands, no witnesses left alive, and the lives of the children hanging in the balance, Josh resorts to the sordid world of the dark web where every form of evil lurks, to solve this case.  He has no choice.  Time is running out.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as my other two novels.  And yes, I have already started writing the next one.  As I’ve said before, writing truly is my passion.

Happy Reading!

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