Anesthesia Does Funny Things

I had always heard that sometimes people talk out loud when they are under anesthesia.  I imagined that I would be one of those people, as I suffer from insomnia, and while in bed in a semi-conscious state, I do a lot of my plotting for my books. I have had several procedures on myContinue reading “Anesthesia Does Funny Things”

Fire Light Fire Bright – I’m not a fire bug, really!

I love to watch fire, but only in the safety of a fire pit.  I’m actually pretty scared of fire.  Just the thought of a forest fire or a house fire is terrifying.  I can’t imagine why I chose to use fire as the backdrop of my book, (it had nothing to do with those scorchingContinue reading “Fire Light Fire Bright – I’m not a fire bug, really!”

Fire Light Fire Bright – Fact or Fiction?

Fire Light Fire Bright is completely a work of fiction, however, there are a few things I borrowed.  One of the borrowed items was Fannie the cat. She belonged to a friend of mine and did claw and scratch someone who babysat for her.  And yes, he did make the comment about trying to playContinue reading “Fire Light Fire Bright – Fact or Fiction?”