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Little League Season Again

A few weeks ago my 13 year old grandson’s baseball team had their season opener in Mineral Wells.  The weather had been great,  Thursday and Friday both had temps in the 80’s.  Friday night a cold front blew in.  The 9:30 game was lots colder than we planned for.  I wore a flannel shirt, a hoodie, had a blanket, but it got so cold that my lips got numb and I could hardly talk.

Ronnie finally pulled our car around to where we could see, and we sat in the car for the remainder of the game.  The next game was Tuesday night, hot and sunny.  Today he had a 10:30 game that was cancelled due to severe thunderstorm warnings.  I’m sitting in my home office right now, listening to the rain.  You gotta love Texas.

I guess that’s why my books are primarily set in Texas.  I moved here from Florida back in the early 1980’s, and it’s been home ever since.  I really do love Texas, except when the severe weather scares me a little.  But despite the storms, spring and fall bring the most gorgeous sun rises and sunsets.  The colors are brilliant.

My latest book, soon to be released, The Color of Thunder is also set in North central Texas.  Another fictitious town, naturally, but Texas is so big that it’s okay for me to keep adding towns.  The hard part is finding a name for my town that isn’t already on the map.  This book is very different from anything else I’ve ever written.  It’s more in the Christian genre, but still a very interesting storyline.  I hope you’ll stick with me and support this new direction my writing is taking.


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