Books, The Color Of Thunder


My dilemma is over.  I'm so close to the ending of Shattered Dreams, that I plan to go ahead and finish it next on the agenda.  I finally figured out the ending, phew it was a tough one.  I knew where I wanted it to end up, just had a hard time getting it there. … Continue reading WHAT’S HAPPENING?

Books, The Color Of Thunder


Well, I've certainly had a productive morning.  My wonderful Beta Readers worked extremely hard on my new book, trying to get it ready for publication.  I compared every single thing they had marked.  Most of the time they agreed, but occasionally, there were differences of opinion. Sometimes, I agreed, sometimes I didn't.  So after a… Continue reading GRAMMAR CHECK

Books, Shattered Dreams


Driving to work this week I have been so enthralled by the beauty of the wild flowers that grow so profusely each spring.  The fields of bluebonnets, with a few Indian paint brushes thrown in for their bright orange color are just breath taking.  Next was a field painted entirely bright yellow with a flower… Continue reading BLUEBONNETS